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25 Febbraio 2008
300,000 Domain Applications in Landrush .ASIA

Total of 266,663 Applications Received on First Day of Landrush

Hong Kong, 21 February 2008 – DotAsia Organisation, the registry operator of the “.Asia” Internet domain, is happy to announce the successful launch of its Landrush period. A total of 266,663 applications were received by the registry within the first 24 hours, demonstrating great interest from around the world to stake claims in the most prestigious cyber real estate in Asia. Including Pre-Sunrise, Sunrise, Pioneer programs and the first day of Landrush, the total number of domain applications to date is 298,861.
.Asia Landrush opened Feb 20 and will close on March 12, 2008. Unlike conventional first-come-first-served processes, DotAsia is utilizing a model that treats all applications received equally no matter if you submit the application within the first second or on the last day of the Landrush period. For domains receiving two or more applications, an auction will be held between the applicants. Domains with only one application will be allocated directly without auction. It also means you must apply during the Landrush period (Feb 20 – Mar 12, 2008) in order to be eligible to participate in the domain auctions. “We are very excited about the smooth launch of Landrush. The volume of interest demonstrates strong demand for .Asia. Unlike conventional opening rushes where the best names are snatched in the opening seconds, you still have 20 days to submit your application without losing out,” says Edmon Chung, CEO of DotAsia. “We are also excited to see strong participation from Asia, with 5 out of the top 10 registrars coming from Asia.”

Over 35% of the Landrush applications received came from Asia, with 40% from North America and 24% coming from Europe. A total of about 28,000 domain names received more than one application on the first day.

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25 Febbraio 2008
Domain Pulse 2008: DNS Security

Day two of Domain Pulse 2008 last Friday focused on online security issues giving the techies amongst us details of security issues.

Barbara Schlossbauer (, Nicole Beranek Zanon (SWITCH) and Stephan Welzel (Denic) spoke of problems with phishing, and what legal authority does a registry have when it comes to a website or email address being used for illegal or illicit activities, one of which would be phishing. This discussion came about from an issue last year in which Spamhaus listed for “knowingly providing services” to what they called hundreds of spam phishing domains that were run by a Russian cybercrime phishing gang, called ‘Rock Phish’ in June 2007. One of those domains affected was that of a large Austrian university.

The answer from all three was a registry has no legal right to delete a domain name—the domain name itself is not the problem, the domain name is not responsible for the phishing and the domain name does not violate any laws nor is any fraud committed by the domain name. It is the content of the website or email that causes the problems they agreed.

If the domain name constitutes an obvious violation of the law, in Austria for example, the Supreme Court has said is not responsible if it is used exclusively used for explicit content. And content itself is not part of the terms and conditions and so phishing is not included. Further, registries are not law enforcement bodies, but private companies.

The long drawn out saga of has recently been published in a book by Kieran McCarthy who outlined some of the tales from his book, giving some light entertainment for a Friday afternoon. The stealing of by Stephen Cohen who could see a use for the domain name, whereas Gary Kremen could not, created a drama that began in 1995 and in a way, is still not finalised today but was the subject of a ten year court battle. However none of the money the courts ordered Cohen to pay Kremen has found its way to his pockets. Instead Cohen fled to Mexico where he remains in exile to this day.

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25 Febbraio 2008
Domain Pulse 2008: Internet Governance

Around 350 attendees came from Russia in the east to Ireland in the west, as well as a few people from elsewhere around the globe, to attend Domain Pulse 2008 in Vienna on February 21 and 22. Day one’s focus was internet governance.

The future of the DNS was one of the key issues addressed by Michael Nelson of Georgetown University in Washington DC, with domain names becoming less important, but their numbers still increasing, as online access by a myriad of devices skyrockets connect—everything from the television, refrigerator, washing machine, pets, sprinkler systems and cars.

Other presentations covered the role of ICANN by Professor Wolfgang Kleinwächter, data retention and the EC directive by Michael Pilz, search engine marketing by Karl Pall from Google Austria and a look at ccTLDs across Europe (Peter Van Roste, Centr) among others.

With the evolution of the internet only 15 per cent complete, forms of online identification such as RFID and Digital Object Identifier, among others, will be common means of connecting devices online, with devices connected to the internet skyrocketing past domain names in a few years said Michael Nelson at Domain Pulse in his keynote address.

Collaborative technologies are also the way of the future, with cloud computing meaning applications will reside in a cloud of collaborating technologies, including cameras and phones among others according to Nelson. Examples include peer-to-peer technologies and grid computing. The next phase is the “holy grid” with everything integrated. Indeed, Nelson quoted Eric Schmidt of Google who says 90% of computing will be done in a cloud in a few years, meaning reliance on high powered computers for personal use will decline.

Back to the DNS, Michael Nelson looked at ICANN and believes that its significance is overstated with what happens at the IETF three to four times more important than what happens at ICANN. However, as he noted, the role of the IETF is rarely discussed. And Microsoft’s next Internet Explorer browser is probably even more important to the internet than the IETF.

ICANN has been broadly successful, a view largely held by Wolfgang Kleinwächter as well, with the DNS stable and the organisation remaining largely independent. Nelson credited ICANN for looking at new gTLDs, seeing what works and said that news reports on ICANN wildly exaggerate what happens. Nelson finds it rather amusing the conspiracy stories that appear about ICANN. On Washington DC and American politics, Nelson said the only conspiracy can involve two people, as if three people know about something in DC, then one will tell someone! But there’s not a lot you can do with a conspiracy of two people!

Another of Michael Nelson’s views, backed up by Wolf Ludwig in a panel discussion chaired by Kleinwächter, was it is important internet users decide the way forward in technologies that are used, and not governments. “When in doubt, empower the user,” Nelson said.

Peter Van Roste of Centr in his overview of the Centr ccTLDs members looked at growth among the ccTLDs and Van Roste announced Centr will be launching a publicly available tool soon to enable a comparison of domain statistics among its members. Peter also spoke of an Asia Pacific Top Level Domain (APTLD) association study that looked registration of domain names for registries under APTLD. Click here for a link to the APTLD report.

This study found gross domestic product of a country, the number of internet users and gTLD registrations were all key factors in determining demand for the ccTLD of that country. Price, it was found, was not so important Van Roste said. Another finding, was allowing registration at the second level has a statistically identifiable positive effect on registration numbers, with the landrush leading to opening up the second level benefiting registration numbers.

Domain Pulse 2008 covers a broad range of issues affecting the DNS, and its broad reach is testament to the importance of the German-language ccTLDs in Europe. It’s a very important date on the international domain name conference calendar. Presentations are available on the Domain Pulse conference website in the language of presentation website at


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21 Febbraio 2008
Nuovi .asia: unico registrar italiano accreditato

Con il dominio .asia, apre alle aziende e ai privati italiani il più grande e dinamico mercato del mondo

Grazie a, unico Registrar italiano accreditato presso l'Authority locale, l’Asia, Australia e Nuova Zelanda comprese, avrà la sua estensione a dominio

Scarica il comunicato stampa

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21 Febbraio 2008
.ASIA Landrush: un successo con quasi 300.000 domini

Ha avuto una buona affermazione il lancio internazionale dei nuovi domini .asia: 266.663 richieste solo durante il primo giorno.

Hong Kong, 21 febbraio 2008
La DotAsia Organisation, l’authority per la registrazione dei domini .Asia ha annunciato un lancio di successo per il Landrush Period, cominciato il 20 febbraio, e che rimarrà aperto fino al 12 marzo.
Contando i domini registrati nelle fasi di pre-Sunrise, Sunrise e Pioneer programs, insieme a quelli del primo giorno del Landrush, il numero totale di domini finora richiesti sfiora i 300.000.

Prenota ora il tuo dominio .asia con!

Leggi il comunicato stampa dell'Authority (pdf- eng)

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18 Febbraio 2008
ASIA: unico registrar accreditato in Italia!

Con il dominio .asia, apre alle aziende e ai privati italiani il più grande e dinamico mercato del mondo

Grazie a, unico Registrar italiano accreditato presso l'Authority locale, l’Asia, Australia e Nuova Zelanda comprese, avrà la sua estensione a dominio

Registra un dominio .asia

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18 Febbraio 2008
De la televisión a la www

De la televisión a la www

Uno de los factores determinantes de la continua transformación de las campañas electorales es el impacto de los nuevos medios de comunicación en la mediación pública de programas y candidatos. [...]

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18 Febbraio 2008
En 2010 los portátiles, 50 euros

En 2010 los portátiles, 50 euros
Mary Lou Jepsen, fundadora de Pixel Qi asegura en una entrevista que su empresa diseña un económico portátil

Interesante entrevista la que se puede consultar en Infoworld a Mary Lou Jepsen, fundadora del proyecto de Negroponte OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) que abandonó para embarcarse en otra iniciativa como Pixel Qi. En la entrevista Jepsen anuncia sus intenciones de lanzar un nuevo portátil comercial de 75 dólares- unos 51 euros- para 2010. Aunque el objetivo de su nueva empresa no sólo se centrará en ordenadores, también Jepsen tiene en mente experimentar con otros dispositivos como móviles o cámaras digitales.[...]

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13 Febbraio 2008
R.U treu d'internet els reincidents en descàrregues il·legals

El Regne Unit desconnectarà d'internet els reincidents en descàrregues il·legals

El Govern britànic prepara un projecte de llei que obligarà els proveïdors de serveis d'internet a desconnectar aquells que reincideixin en la descàrrega il·legal de música o pel·lícules. [...]

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13 Febbraio 2008
Las redes sociales,protagonistas del Día de Internet

La cuarta edición del Día de Internet

Se conmemorará el 17 de mayo y contará con las redes sociales, Messenger y las comunidades virtuales. La jornada, que ha sido presentada en la Secretaría de Estado de Telecomunicaciones, servirá "para promover el uso de Internet entre la ciudadanía, con especial atención a los no conectados", según el presidente de la Asociación de Usuarios de Internet, Miguel Pérez Subías.[...]

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10 Febbraio 2008
Yahoo! dice no a Microsoft

Lo riferisce il Wall Street Journal: la proposta è ritenuta «troppo bassa»
Yahoo! dice no all'offerta di Microsoft
La compagnia di Bill Gates aveva offerto 44,6 miliardi per la Internet company

Il cda di Yahoo! avrebbe deciso di respingere l'offerta da 44,6 miliardi lanciata da Microsoft. Lo riferisce il Wall Street Journal citando una fonte «informata dei fatti». L'offerta del gruppo fondato da Bill Gates sarebbe ritenuta «troppo bassa» dal consiglio di amministrazione della Internet company.

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8 Febbraio 2008
Over 30,000 Domain Applications in .ASIA Sunrise

Notable Auction results Continue to Demonstrate Interest and Value
.Asia Landrush set for February 20, 2008

Hong Kong, Feb 6, 2008 – Application periods for .Asia Sunrise successfully completed according to schedule last week on January 31, 2008. At the time of closing, DotAsia received a total of 30,780 domain name applications. These include domain names received through Pre-Sunrise, Sunrise 1, Sunrise 2, Sunrise 3, as well as the Pioneer Domains Programs. .Asia Landrush (open public registration) is set to launch at 12:00 noon UTC, February 20, 2008.

“The results from the .Asia Sunrise are very encouraging. We are accomplishing what we had set out to do: to ensure the stable and orderly introduction of the .Asia extension into the social and technical fabric of the Internet by avoiding the chaos which had often characterized new domain
launches in the past. At over 90% success rate for Sunrise applications, compared to around 50%, and zero disputes received to date compared to thousands of challenges in previous domain registry launches, we believe .Asia has set a new benchmark for the future launches of top-level domain registries,” said Edmon Chung, CEO of DotAsia. “The volume of registration is also remarkable. Based on information we have, the number of Sunrise applications we received is more than double the level for all other gTLD Sunrises except for .INFO.”

.Asia Sunrise auction results continue to demonstrate strong interest for the .Asia domain. High winning bids have exceeded US$20,000, while the average winning bid for contested auctions have grown to US$2,000. According to statistics from data obtained by DNJournal, average domain sales in the secondary market is above US$8,500 overall, with a median of US$2,900,
whereas the median for new TLDs (i.e. .info / .biz / .mobi etc.) is at US$1,500, with an average of around US$4,000. The solid initial demand demonstrated by the early results, coupled with a robust secondary market represents growth and investment value for .Asia domains.

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7 Febbraio 2008
Els internautes podran cedir a la ciència els seus PC

Els internautes podran cedir a la ciència els seus PC

Un projecte espanyol permetrà a partir de l'abril que els propietaris d'ordinadors connectats a internet puguin cedir els seus equips a investigacions científiques durant els temps "morts" en què, malgrat estar encesos, els seus usuaris no utilitzen.[...]

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7 Febbraio 2008
Los internautas podrán ceder su PC a la ciencia

Los internautas podrán ceder su PC a la ciencia

Un proyecto español pionero en el mundo permitirá a partir de abril que los propietarios de ordenadores conectados a Internet puedan ceder sus equipos a investigaciones científicas durante los tiempos muertos en los que, a pesar de estar encendidos, sus usuarios no los utilizan.[...]

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4 Febbraio 2008
Google corre in aiuto di Yahoo!

Mountain View preoccupata per l'opa da 44,6 miliardi di dollari
muove le sue pedine: Schmidt avrebbe già contattato Yang
Google corre in aiuto di Yahoo! per neutralizzare l'opa di Microsoft

Sunnyvale non ha fretta: "Stiamo valutando tutte le offerte"
Sono giorni decisivi per la leadership della pubblicità web

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4 Febbraio 2008
El valor del canal: Ser alguien en la red

El valor del canal: Ser alguien en la red

La compañía ha registrado en 10 años más de 190.000 dominios en internet El año pasado fue adquirida por el Grupo Dada, líder global en servicios de comunidades virtuales y ocio

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